Episode 8 of Sean and Such!

2011-08-22 19:05:13 by SeanAndSuch

After what seems like months (probably because it's been months) we've finally released episode 8 of Sean andf Such!

We'd appreciate your feedback and things of that nature.


Episode 8 of Sean and Such!


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2011-08-22 21:44:51

I actually love it. It has this really relaxed feel to it, which I personally like. It's not like "rolling around on the floor, unable to breathe" funny, but it's entertaining in the sense that I can sit back, watch it, and have a couple of nice chuckles.

Keep it up!


2011-08-23 10:45:09

^Agreed, it is a different type of humor, very entertaining though. Makes me want to watch the other episodes, shit's super underrated.

SeanAndSuch responds:

Thanks to you both, we really appreciate the feed back and we're glad you enjoy the show. As long as a few people out there enjoy it, we'll keep making it. Thanks again.

- Joe and Sean