Where are episodes 1 and 4 of Sean and Such?

2011-10-04 21:35:21 by SeanAndSuch

Some of you may have been wondering what happened to the first and fourth Sean and Such episodes?!
Some of you may be saying, "Who are you?!" and "Stop talking to me!" Well for those of you who are fans (all three of you) and would like to know why they are not on this site, here are the reasons:
At the time of release, the first episode file size was too large to upload to this site. I can't imagine why, it's really just two images that barely move but I guess we just didn't know what we were doing back then... O.K. we still don't know what we're doing but that's beside the point.

As for episode four, well... we kind of don't like it. It's a really slow episode and it stands out as being a lot more boring than the rest... if you can imagine that. At this point, we just thought it would be pointless to put them on here because they are filled with many of the complaints you guys had with the other episodes. It would be a major digression from the newer episodes. It's possible that we might put them on here just for fun.
In the meantime, If you're interested (you've been warned) you can view them on our website (www.seanandsuch.com).

Our web site is still under some construction but you can watch all the episodes. Also, episode nine is on hold until after the NYC Comic-Con (of which we have a booth) and should be online by the end of this month.



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2011-10-04 21:43:21

"A show so good, it doesn't even need all of its episodes!"

If you'd ever like me to do a voice spot in your show, I'd be glad to. I doubt it, but I'm a slight fan of the show and figured offering couldn't hurt. Here's a little voice demo, most of it is character stuff but I can easily voice the type of every day guy you feature in your show. Plus I have a slight New York accent by nature, so I think that helps my case.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/437714

But have fun with Comic-Con!