Your thoughts on the lastest "Sean and Such" episode?

2011-11-25 20:25:04 by SeanAndSuch

We had just recently released our newest episode of Sean and Such, episode nine. We're happy with our score and all, but we'd really like to hear what you guys think. We take constructive criticism into a lot of consideration and really appreciate reading it. And if you really don't have anything to say, you can always just make fun of the show's name with hilarious puns... here's an example "Scat and Suck." See how much fun it is :) But for real, we want to make the show better and appeal to all fans so if you have some thoughts, please share with us.

And if your a fan, come check out our website, for images, outtakes and other extras from the show.



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2011-11-25 21:41:11

I think it is fantastic definately has potential to go on as a telivision show with some minor tweaks.


2011-11-26 12:40:32

I agree with Jomillex, I've voiced my thoughts on this before but I think you could get more play with how you presented. I just wanted to stress stronger, I'd get rid of the numbers and give the episodes unique names based on the plot of each, since they don't have any relevant chronological order. I'm not joking nor exaggerating when I tell you that putting "Episode __ " in your titles is like telling 70% of your potential audience to fuck off. I'dve just called Episode 9 "Ninja Turtle Pie", people don't respond to things that look like they require any more effort than just watching what's in front of them.

I looked at the dates that you guys released episodes earlier this year too, I think you guys should either space out the releases farther when you have multiple episodes done, or have a set schedule for how you release them, like one a month on a specific day like the 1st that people can remember and look forward too. You guys have great output, and having shorter episodes means you'll probably be able to make more, but don't show your cards before the game is over and you'll never have gaps in fresh material, especially the way you guys crank shit out. If you release things too close together, people tend to click past them too. It's hard to explain, it almost LOOKS (key emphasis on "looks", doesn't matter what the truth is of the actual content) like you skimped on quality for quantity, or that that viewer will have to watch everything to understand.

It's all about presenting each episode to the audience like it's its own self-contained short film, you already have a nice simplistic concept that's easy to pick up on. A few guys working at a petshop, bam, done. But some things make a series look like it needs every other episode to mean something, which scares people away. Try doing a little PR with it (like you are now with this post), make some video blogs, or do all the news you guys do on your site here on NG, this is the best place for an indie animator to start out and find an audience and feedback. If I think of any more bullshit to type, you guys'll be the first to know :)