Episode 10 was done in 10 days:

2011-12-12 18:08:02 by SeanAndSuch

Normally it takes us 30+ days to make an episode of Sean and Such as there are only 2 of us doing the work and we both have full-time jobs.
Joe decided it would be a good idea to try and make "Episode 10 in 10 days" as a kind of promotion for ourselves. We recorded our progress including problems, storyboard creation, pictures, etc. and posted everything in the BLOG section of our website and came very close to failing.
I know you guys are hard to impress - at least it seems that way but we really do appreciate the feedback that was given regrading this episode.
And sorry for the missing preloader.


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2011-12-12 21:00:26

It was pretty good! First time watching your stuff, so I'll be slowly working my way through, 1 to 9.