Get some FREE "Sean and Such" SWAG... FOR FREE!

2012-01-14 17:43:08 by SeanAndSuch

Starting today, we're going to be offering a sweet give away for fans. We're sending fans of the show a four piece "Sean and Such" sticker set and two "Sean and Such" postcards... FOR FREE! That's right guys, no gimmicks, no soul taking or first born abductions... this is a totally free offer for you fans because we love you so much (awww). Now getting it is mad easy, all you need to do is send us your mailing address via e-mail at either, or just send it to us in the message box on the CONTACT page on our website ( Once we get you address, we'll send the four stickers and two postcards via snail mail (U.S. Postal Service for you lame-o's) and you should be rocking out your merch in about 5 to 7 days. And if you hear breathing outside your window within the next week or so...ignore it... it's probably just the wind.

Now the postcard features the entire season one cast on it. You'll get two of them, one signed by Sean and Joe and one not signed. We're giving you one unsigned just encase you don't like us... not because we think our signature is worth something. But if you'd like both signed or neither signed or you just want us to write curse words on it, you can request that in the email. We'll also personalize it if you want. There are four different stickers that together feature all the five main characters. Some of you may be wondering who those characters are, some of you may be wondering what a sticker is and some may be wonder what the word "there" means... well, all those questions will be answered if you send away for this bad ass offer.

We'll be offering this give away while supplies last. Once we wind down to a few more left we'll let all you slackers know to hurry up and grab them. We have a decent supply, but not too much so if your thinking about getting one... don't wait long. So again, just e-mail us your mailing address (found above or on the contact page), wait 5 to 7 days and you'll be a little bit cooler with your free Sean and Such merchandise ;)


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2012-01-14 17:56:40

Free stuff? Cool!


2012-01-15 06:11:04

What about peeps outside the US?

SeanAndSuch responds:

For sure... the package may take a little longer but we will definitely send it out ;)