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Sean and Such Season Two Details

2014-02-15 18:37:35 by SeanAndSuch

Alright... February 27th is the official start of Sean and Such season two. We're airing a total of thirteen new episodes. Here's the deal.. each episode will be about 10 to 12 minutes in length. Now we know that's kind of long so what we're doing is airing the episodes in two parts that are 5 minutes each (in a way it's like your getting 26 episodes). We can't please everyone but we figured this was the best way to do it. The first half of the episodes will be airing until May and then a summer special with the follow episodes starting again in September. Now I'll try and answer the questions you may already be thinking. 

Why make 10 minute long episodes in the first place? Well we wanted this batch of episodes to be more... episodic. We wanted to focus on a fun story rather then quick one liners and jokes between two characters in a department. 

Do I need to see both parts of the episode to know what's going on? Not really. When we came up with this idea we made sure each part would be sort of independent but follow the same issues the characters are up against. You'll need to see it to understand what I'm saying. There'll also be a recap before each episode. 

You're a dick? Not really a question... but.. I think so. Yes. 

Will the season follow a general story arch? Kind of. Again you don't need to see every episode to enjoy this season but it'll help you follow the main plot and get all the running jokes. 

Can you shut up? Yes. 


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2014-02-16 21:09:32

You guys are fucking awesome. I cant wait to see them. Oh, and the stickers, or I think thats what they were on the youtube video you guys posted at a comic con, are they for sale? I seriously want a couple. That, and a black T shirt with the group and a web addy on it.