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SeanAndSuch's News

Posted by SeanAndSuch - February 15th, 2014

Alright... February 27th is the official start of Sean and Such season two. We're airing a total of thirteen new episodes. Here's the deal.. each episode will be about 10 to 12 minutes in length. Now we know that's kind of long so what we're doing is airing the episodes in two parts that are 5 minutes each (in a way it's like your getting 26 episodes). We can't please everyone but we figured this was the best way to do it. The first half of the episodes will be airing until May and then a summer special with the follow episodes starting again in September. Now I'll try and answer the questions you may already be thinking. 

Why make 10 minute long episodes in the first place? Well we wanted this batch of episodes to be more... episodic. We wanted to focus on a fun story rather then quick one liners and jokes between two characters in a department. 

Do I need to see both parts of the episode to know what's going on? Not really. When we came up with this idea we made sure each part would be sort of independent but follow the same issues the characters are up against. You'll need to see it to understand what I'm saying. There'll also be a recap before each episode. 

You're a dick? Not really a question... but.. I think so. Yes. 

Will the season follow a general story arch? Kind of. Again you don't need to see every episode to enjoy this season but it'll help you follow the main plot and get all the running jokes. 

Can you shut up? Yes. 

Posted by SeanAndSuch - July 6th, 2013

The second season of Sean and Such is currently in the works. If you're already a fan of the series then you're in for some good stuff. We're going to be bringing you thirteen brand new, longer and better looking episodes beginning in late December or early January. We just released a small teaser for the new season so please go over to our page and check it out. And if your new to the series, check out our first season. Also you can still go to our Facebook and Twitter page for updates. We also post a production diary on Tumblr. I really don't know too many people with Tumblr... but we've got one so I suppose we'll use it for something. So make sure you stay tuned to our site and all our other pages for updates and some more sneak peaks on Sean and Such season two.

Posted by SeanAndSuch - May 31st, 2012

Sean and Such will be making an appearance at this weekend's Wizard World Philadelphia Comic-Con for all three days (June 1st to the 3rd). We'll have Sean Gitter (Co-Creator; Artist for "Sean and Such"), Joe Centner (Co-Creator; Writer for "Sean and Such") and Matt Bartolo (Producer for "Too Many Zombies") all there talking about our show(s) and geeky things, giving away and signing free stuff and if you're lucky... buying beers for fans. If your planning on coming or are in the area, please stop by booth 1051 and say hello. You can click on the link below to buy tickets and check out our bio on the main page. We look forward to seeing you there.

Posted by SeanAndSuch - April 26th, 2012

This Monday, April 30th at 9:00 p.m. EST we're airing the final Sean and Such episode of the season... yay! I know some of you are sad about it and most are happy that this is finally ending so you guys can get back to your Pokemon and Minecraft parodies. Considering how long it usually takes to come out of Judgement... it might not be on here officially until Tuesday but you guys can head over to www.seanandsuch.com to view the last episode that Monday if you'd like. As always, thanks to all of you that commented and critiqued the show and helped us win our precious, precious awards. And for those who hated it, you'll have one more episode left to bash the shit out of us... do your worst ;)

The official website will have an extended "Thank You" credits attached to the end. We're not putting it on this site because it'll just be too long, so if you want to see who we really like you can watch that version of the episode on our site... who knows, maybe we'll mention you.. most likely not. We're only kidding, thank you all so much for the love and we'll see you all next year with a new season.

Thanks guys!

The Sean and Such Season Finale!

Posted by SeanAndSuch - January 14th, 2012

Starting today, we're going to be offering a sweet give away for fans. We're sending fans of the show a four piece "Sean and Such" sticker set and two "Sean and Such" postcards... FOR FREE! That's right guys, no gimmicks, no soul taking or first born abductions... this is a totally free offer for you fans because we love you so much (awww). Now getting it is mad easy, all you need to do is send us your mailing address via e-mail at either Sean@seanandsuch.com, Joe@seanandsuch.com or just send it to us in the message box on the CONTACT page on our website (www.seanandsuch.com). Once we get you address, we'll send the four stickers and two postcards via snail mail (U.S. Postal Service for you lame-o's) and you should be rocking out your merch in about 5 to 7 days. And if you hear breathing outside your window within the next week or so...ignore it... it's probably just the wind.

Now the postcard features the entire season one cast on it. You'll get two of them, one signed by Sean and Joe and one not signed. We're giving you one unsigned just encase you don't like us... not because we think our signature is worth something. But if you'd like both signed or neither signed or you just want us to write curse words on it, you can request that in the email. We'll also personalize it if you want. There are four different stickers that together feature all the five main characters. Some of you may be wondering who those characters are, some of you may be wondering what a sticker is and some may be wonder what the word "there" means... well, all those questions will be answered if you send away for this bad ass offer.

We'll be offering this give away while supplies last. Once we wind down to a few more left we'll let all you slackers know to hurry up and grab them. We have a decent supply, but not too much so if your thinking about getting one... don't wait long. So again, just e-mail us your mailing address (found above or on the contact page), wait 5 to 7 days and you'll be a little bit cooler with your free Sean and Such merchandise ;)

Posted by SeanAndSuch - December 12th, 2011

Normally it takes us 30+ days to make an episode of Sean and Such as there are only 2 of us doing the work and we both have full-time jobs.
Joe decided it would be a good idea to try and make "Episode 10 in 10 days" as a kind of promotion for ourselves. We recorded our progress including problems, storyboard creation, pictures, etc. and posted everything in the BLOG section of our website and came very close to failing.
I know you guys are hard to impress - at least it seems that way but we really do appreciate the feedback that was given regrading this episode.
And sorry for the missing preloader.

Posted by SeanAndSuch - November 25th, 2011

We had just recently released our newest episode of Sean and Such, episode nine. We're happy with our score and all, but we'd really like to hear what you guys think. We take constructive criticism into a lot of consideration and really appreciate reading it. And if you really don't have anything to say, you can always just make fun of the show's name with hilarious puns... here's an example "Scat and Suck." See how much fun it is :) But for real, we want to make the show better and appeal to all fans so if you have some thoughts, please share with us.

And if your a fan, come check out our website, www.seanandsuch.com for images, outtakes and other extras from the show.


Posted by SeanAndSuch - October 4th, 2011

Some of you may have been wondering what happened to the first and fourth Sean and Such episodes?!
Some of you may be saying, "Who are you?!" and "Stop talking to me!" Well for those of you who are fans (all three of you) and would like to know why they are not on this site, here are the reasons:
At the time of release, the first episode file size was too large to upload to this site. I can't imagine why, it's really just two images that barely move but I guess we just didn't know what we were doing back then... O.K. we still don't know what we're doing but that's beside the point.

As for episode four, well... we kind of don't like it. It's a really slow episode and it stands out as being a lot more boring than the rest... if you can imagine that. At this point, we just thought it would be pointless to put them on here because they are filled with many of the complaints you guys had with the other episodes. It would be a major digression from the newer episodes. It's possible that we might put them on here just for fun.
In the meantime, If you're interested (you've been warned) you can view them on our website (www.seanandsuch.com).

Our web site is still under some construction but you can watch all the episodes. Also, episode nine is on hold until after the NYC Comic-Con (of which we have a booth) and should be online by the end of this month.


Posted by SeanAndSuch - September 18th, 2011

Hi all!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will have a table at the web comic pavilion at this years Comic-Con in NYC (October 13th-15th).
We'll be trying to get our name out there and will be giving out stickers, pens and other various objects.

I added three new pieces of art on our userpage that will be used for stickers, etc. Go take a look and feel free to leave comments!!

Any Newgrounds fans that come say hello will get a special gift so come say hi!!

Hope to see you guys there!!


Posted by SeanAndSuch - August 22nd, 2011

After what seems like months (probably because it's been months) we've finally released episode 8 of Sean andf Such!

We'd appreciate your feedback and things of that nature.


Episode 8 of Sean and Such!